• Azamat Alimgozhaev Almaty Technological University
  • Gulzhan Kashaganova Almaty Technological University, Turan University
  • Kulzhan Togzhanova Almaty Technological University



intelligent system, automation, automated technological process, food industry


In the development of an intelligent control system for basic production in the food and chemical industry, it is necessary to build an integrated and robotic control system that allows you to effectively optimize, computerize the food industry and transform food products into a clean ecological product. The main task of managing such an intelligent system is artificial intelligence, which can significantly improve packaging, increase shelf life, combine the cycle using algorithms and improve food safety by making a more transparent management system. The novelty of the article lies in the development of an intelligent process control system based on a mathematical and integrated model that allows you to calculate temperature, humidity, amount of pesticides and filter out substandard primary product at the stage of purification and dehumidification due to the intelligent NGS system. The experiments were carried out on the TIA Portal V14 software on a stand in the laboratory. The process of dehumidification and filtration of the intelligent system was also implemented on a stand in a laboratory chamber that could measure temperature and relative humidity. The measurement of the temperature inside the product and the change in humidity after filtration were recorded during the experiment. A system was created on the basis of experimental data of a mathematical model and a computer system that allows calculating humidity parameters and in time to exert a regulatory influence on one of the control channels and thus optimize the process parameters.

Author Biographies

Azamat Alimgozhaev, Almaty Technological University

master's student, Almaty, Kazakhstan,

Gulzhan Kashaganova, Almaty Technological University, Turan University

PhD,  Almaty, Kazakhstan,

Kulzhan Togzhanova, Almaty Technological University

PhD,  docent, Almaty, Kazakhstan,


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Alimgozhaev, A., Kashaganova, G., & Togzhanova, K. . (2023). THE STUDY OF INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS IN INDUSTRIAL FOOD AUTOMATION. International Journal of Advanced Logistics, Transport and Engineering, 5(1), 30–34.



Computer Science, Telecommunications, Electronics, Automation