International Journal of Advanced Logistics, Transport and Engineering

The journal "International Journal of Advanced Logistics, Transport and Engineering" was founded in 2022.

The founder and publisher of the journal is the JSC Academy of Logistics and Transport.

The journal has a developed and approved cover and title pages indicating the academy, issue output, eISSN, editorial board composition, editorial policy, publication ethics, and website.

The journal is published 4 times a year.

The journal articles are registered in the CrossRef database and each author's article is assigned  DOI-a digital object identifier that is used to provide citations, references, and access to electronic documents.

The editorial board of the journal includes leading Kazakh and foreign scientists.

The journal adheres to the policy of information openness and accessibility of authors' publications; articles are published on the journal's website in English in full-text access.

The goal is to provide quick publications for scientists, researchers and engineers wishing to discuss new results on current topics of technology, as well as fundamental and applied developments that will improve the quality of research and can contribute to strengthening international cooperation between scientists and researchers.

Frequency: 4 times a year

Publisher: Academy of Logistics and Transport